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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The funny thing about progress is that sometimes it seems like it just isn't happening. It's only after letting the seemingly identical days blur together do you finally see some progress grow out of the blur.

I think the reason I haven't been blogging much recently is because there doesn't seem to be anything of interest happening from day to day. But in the past two weeks, a lot has happened.

My feeding tube.
A while back, I was complaining a lot about my feeding tube. At first it wasn't a problem; for the better part of my two weeks in the hospital, it was the only way I was getting any sort of nutrition. But when I finally got disconnected from everything, the IV and the enteric feeding pump, they decided to leave the feeding tube in even though I was eating. Just in case.

I went home, and the major benefit of my feeding tube was being able to use it for my liquid painkiller so I didn't have to taste it. After a while though, I started to blame all of my frustration with the sluggishness of recovery on the feeding tube. It hurt when I moved around, and having to deal constantly with that pain was a pain, a literal thorn in my side. Not only that, it was the last physical thing in my body that obviously signified that I had surgery.

After I had had enough of it, I realized that the pain of the feeding tube was not worth its just in case function, especially because my weight seemed pretty stable. I was eating with minimal complications and was only losing weight at a rate of around 1lb/week. Finally, my surgeon removed the tube. Let me tell you, having a plastic tube pulled from your small intestine is a really really weird feeling. Thankfully, it only lasted for so long before the tube was out for good!

On top of the Lanikai pillboxes. 1mo, 7 days post surgery.
Having the feeding tube out was really such a huge step. The pain I had been experiencing was gone, and at least I was feeling physically more like normal. In fact, so normal that I even went on a short hike four days after having the tube out.

So all in all, things are going pretty well. There are still the constant reminders that I had the surgery done-- the allergic reaction I had to the steri strip adhesive, the almost constant fear of food getting stuck and having to regurgitate in public, not being able to scarf lunch down in twenty minutes. But progress is being made, and with each step, I'm a step closer to my new normal.

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  1. hello jenn... i am evi with the questions for the totaly gastrectomy.....how are you.. ?
    this photo is after deducting stomach? were eating there from the early days with tube? hurt?