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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Being a Blob

I know. I'm terrible at blogging regularly.

I think it's probably because I've literally turned into a blob. The past couple of days/weeks, I've sort of let myself fall into this lull. I can't do much, and since I can't do much, I lose all motivation for doing anything whatsoever. The days blend together and it's just all one spread of time. I eat, I sleep, I watch tv, I read, I walk and I blob.

Anyhow, I am trying to de-blob myself slowly, and one of the ways I'm trying to do that is by updating my blog! (A blogging blob, how about that?) I've also finally started setting my alarm clock again, in an attempt to fix my sleep cycle. I started changing out of my pajamas and actually leave the house occasionally. I did my laundry today, a major victory, even though my clothes are still folded waiting to be put away. I'll get there eventually, right?


  1. I was procrastinating by reading this.

    You should be ok about being a blog for a while. I think this is a really good time to watch every episode of Grey's Anatomy from the very beginning and get excited about medicine and get lots of rest.

    Sorry I keep missing your calls/texts lately. School's still so busy and I'm doing more activities also. So with all of that I hardly ever have time to chat on the phone. But send me emails every once a while I'll reply, probably not promptly, but I'll reply eventually.

    1. Hi Jen, this is my 3rd attempt at this so hopefully this one will be the charm (I guess I am not as technically adept as I thought). I think you have texted on facebook with my wife and daughter (Jane and Jessica Mackenzie), but I wanted to give you my point of view on all of this. I had my surgery on March 1st and felt very similar to the way you feel at the 4 week mark. I felt like all I did was eat 12 hours a day and watch the "Maury" show. I felt very blah, didn't really want to say or do all that much. I wasn't necessarily unhappy, just sort of there. I also had that pain in my chest whenever I ate, making eating even more of an unpleasant chore. I forced myself to continue to try and do "normal" type things. As my body healed (I also had pulmonary embolisms in both lungs two weeks after surgery), I started to regain my strength and that loss of motivation started to lessen. Luckily, the pain in my chest also started to fade which made eating much more enjoyable which in turn increased my energy level. By the middle of week five I was back on the treadmill, doing some yardwork and feeling more and more like my old self. By week six I was back at work and feeling quite good. Anyways, my point, you will get there and probably sooner then you expect. My family has been following your story and you are a strong and courageous person with a great attitude, all important attributes for a quick recovery. If you have any questions for me, please let me know.
      Thanks and stay strong.

  2. I usually find your blog by googling "gastronomically speaking" - you've advanced from the 7th or 8th search result to the 2nd! Hopefully you'll overtake the current 1st place soon! :)